Paul is the man behind Loyal To The Foil - Global Alliance. Before becoming known for launching a successful printing company in Fuerteventura, Paul grew up racing mountain bikes in the UK and then after moving to the Canary Islands in 2009 he finally turned his attention to watersports. He became a certified IKO kitesuf instructor and was one of the first on the island to take up the then-new variation of strapless wave kitesurfing. He was always looking at the wind and surf charts to find those magical days with epic swells and strong winds where everything would come together.

It was due to this no-fear attitude and ability to somehow come out relatively unscathed from heavy situations that got him noticed by one of the older local kitesurfers and keen racer Gunnar. He became good friends with Gunnar (originally from Germany @kitechino), a trained engineer and also a formidable force on the racing scene, who was just beginning to experiment with prototype hydrofoil designs for use in racing - way before the commercial products you see now!  With Gunnar's engineering background, new found love for all things foiling and Pauls' expertise in printing, it became inevitable that all this would combine to create the Loyal To The Foil - Global Alliance.


Loyal To The Foil - Global Alliance

Loyal To The Foil - Global Alliance was created to spread the word about foiling to the world. We are a clothing brand that produces premium quality, sustainable and functional street wear for riders who have already fallen in love with foiling and for those who are new to the sport.

Coming from an elite level racing background, we know the level of abuse things can be put through, from every day beachwear, to riding gear and accessories. It is our aim to provide a level of quality in our products to handle this type of abuse, whilst also looking the part.

Premium organic materials are use wherever possible along with eco friendly printing techniques, recycled craft labels and packaging.

Clothing brand aside, it is very important to us to give back to the sports we're involved in, to help grow their popularity. We want to help develop regional foil clubs and support up and coming athletes to promote the sport and push the limits of what is possible with a foil. The people, riders, oceans, beaches and so much more are what make the sports we love what it is, and we promise to do our part to grow and preserve this.

We understand every level of involvement, from enthusiast to professional…so we have you covered! We look forward to welcoming you on-board and don't forget to stay: